What makes my service unique?

My training enables me to adopt both an educational and clinical perspective. I'm able to assess your child's learning profile and then translate the results into a report relative to the classroom setting. What support does your child need? What are his/her strengths, and how can they be utilised? I'm passionate about children's education and assisting in modifying the learning environment so that they can experience success. I'm committed to their emotional and social wellbeing, and can tailor individual therapy and/or behavioural strategies for parents to suit their needs. My skill set also enables me to provide therapy sessions across all ages and I enjoy working with children, teenagers and adults. 

What is the difference between a counsellor and a psychologist?

The answer lies in the breadth and depth of our respective knowledge and it's application. To register as an educational psychologist takes at least six years of full time tertiary education. In my case, I hold five university level qualifications, and have completed five full time and seven part time years of training.

The educational assessment seems expensive - why is this?

For every hour that I spend with your child, there is at least another hour analysing results and writing the report. Therefore I may spend 10 - 15 hours completing the work and giving you comprehensive feedback - the report is heavily subsidised by myself and is effectively 2/3 the cost of individual therapy sessions. It is my deliberate intention to make the assessment financially accessible, given how valuable it is to your child's education.

What happens to my information?

The information that you share is confidential, and under ordinary circumstances will not be provided to anyone else unless you give me written consent. I write notes regarding your session and will keep these (securely) for 10 years. 

There may be exceptions to confidentiality, including being compelled by law, where non-disclosure may carry a risk of serious harm to you and/or others, or where a person is considered unable to give consent. Please note that if I am working with your child and they disclose information that suggests that they are at risk of harm, I have a duty of care to keep them safe and will act accordingly – their wellbeing will always come first. Also note that as a parent, you do not have an automatic right to be given information about your child unless this is one of the purposes for which the information was obtained, such as an educational assessment.

Some of the legislation that governs my practice is as follows: the Health (Retention of Health Information) Regulations, 1996; the Privacy Act, 1993; the Health Information Privacy Code, 1994 (HIPC); the Code of Ethics for Psychologists Working in Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2012.